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Houston Bodyguards vs. Whitney Houston “Bodyguard” movie »

One of my best friends  started a Houston Bodyguard Services website . I looked up the top 10 in Google search for Houston Bodyguards and realized that it was Whitney Houston “Bodyguard” movie. When Hollywood meets the small business who is going to win. Well he would have to open multiple Houston bodyguard websites and do a link building campaign on his company’s yellow pages listings. I wish him the best of luck. in his attempts.

Yellow Pages List »

There are quite a few national yellow pages out there. I just thought it might be useful to make a list of them. Read the rest

Tracking URL Parameter & Duplicate Content »

While creating URL parameters for any tracking programs to measure any referrals you measure; there is only one solid method to prevent duplicate content issues. Read the rest

President Bush shoe advertising. »

Bush Shoe Made in Turkey press release


You know I could watch the shoe thrown at Bush forever but this post is about using every event including as an attempt to a great press release. Read the rest

National Unemployment’s affects on SEO agencies. »

When I first started the internet marketing business in 2000; there were very few of us in this business. When I switched from marketing to SEO; there were still very few. I remember SEOs saying; the internet is large we can teach every one and there will be space for more. Read the rest

The truth about the private SEO forums/tips »

I do not believe in private SEO forum/tips etc. anymore as a professional SEO. Read the rest

Google Halloween Joke »

Happy Halloween everyone. Google decided to pull a Halloween Joke by adding the below code to its robots.txt for a day. Read the rest

What makes a Great SEO? »

There are many people out there claiming to be SEOs. There is only one distinction that seperates a great SEO from the others Read the rest

Tina Fey for Vice President »

I have always had a crush for Tina Fey (Yes I am married with a kid) Read the rest

Black Hat SEO Song »

I have been addicted to the song “Hurt” the last few days,
Below is my Black Hat SEO lyrics version of the song “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails (I also added the youtube versions of the song by NIN and Johnny Cash at the bottom of the lyrics to make the point better Read the rest