Wiki-dnapping is a 100% guaranteed to work. Its damage will almost be permanent. You will very rarely, if ever, be caught by Wikipedia admins. Wiki-dnapping is a black hat tactic which I am sure even White Hat SEOs will be tempted to try. You can think of it as a reverse engineering of wiki-jacking.

The goal: Lowering of a Wikipedia article in Google rankings for a specific keyword, where it seemed simply unbeatable before, in five steps.

  1. Create multiple credible editor usernames in Wiki
  2. Randomly select five wikipedia articles and properly wikilink any word that is not related to your subject on those articles and make sure to write “wikilink” to the comment box with a check box on minor edit selection below the comments section. Try to mix in some erasing of spam commercial links or correct a spelling to make it look like you are not always doing the same activity. Always comment in general terms of what you did in the comment box (usually with the minor edit checkbox highlighted if they are minor changes)
  3. Click on the “what links here” on the targeted wikipedia article and then go to the first article that links to your target wiki-dnapping victim article.
  4. WIKILINK TWO OR MORE WORDS in that article and slyly erase the wikilink to the keyword that targets the victim article that you are targeting in the same edit and make sure to write “wikilink” to the comment box with the minor edit box checked.
  5. Switch to a different “credible user” you created in Step 1 to not to get attention of Wiki admins on your activities which are done in a short amount of time and repeat Steps 2 through 4
  6. Repeat Steps 2 to 5 in a cycle until you are satisfied. Also if possible try to do these edits in multiple IPs to make sure that the trail is harder to follow.

The above lesson will not hurt the general Wikipedia PR as they use nofollow tags with the exception of Wikia and other affiliated sites, but it will certainly give you a long deserved peace of a Wiki free search engine for your keyword’s first page by kidnapping the PR away from that specific wiki-article.

P.S. The knowledge of this tactic is not through personal implementation experience (as I write this blog to be a white hat). My expertise comes from being a long standing legitimate spam fighting wiki editor who knows the ins and outs of wikipedia. I gave up on the ideal of Wiki when Jimmy Wales decided to overturn a Wiki-citizens vote and implemented Wikipedia nofollow tags to all external links with the exception of his other “commercial” companies (aka Wikia search engine). I honestly do not care what happens to Wikipedia any longer. Have fun creating havoc in wikipedia.

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