President Bush shoe advertising.

Bush Shoe Made in Turkey press release

You know I could watch the shoe thrown at Bush forever but this post is about using every event including as an attempt to a great press release.

As a native Turkish speaker, I get the joy of being able to read the Eurasian look at the world through Turkish newspapers which come up with some of the greatest link baits.
Below picture is a headline picture from (A Turkish newspaper).

Anyhow, here are the fun facts. The news story happened because of a press release by a Turkish company named, Baydan Shoes (sadly I could not locate a site). Baydan claimed to export that particular brown shoe model to Iraq (over 15K pairs). Every shoe is 600 grams (around 1.35 pounds) which probably would leave a bruise and the export price is 27 dollars. What great advertising to take advantage of an event with an immediate press release and being at the front page of the most read Turkish newspapers in the country for free. In press release just like SEO it is all about attention to details and being at the right place at the right time.

Since we are talking about attentiong grabbers here are all different versions of tactics that was used around the web to grab a piece of attention around the web;

  • a game that has already been a viral hit
  • a video with over 5 million views.
  • a new term in the English language, shoecidal bomber

Creativity never ends when it comes to taking advantage of current events. What other ways can you think to take advantage of a current event?


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